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Library Research Tutorial for Students : Q - Z

Directed toward online students taking English Composition - anyone is welcome to use.

Q - Z

Areas of a library where materials are located. In the stacks you will find rows of floor to ceiling shelves on which books, periodicals, and other materials are arranged systematically, either by subject or alphabetically by titles.



A search method (*) used in many online databases. To use truncation, enter the root of a search term and replace the ending with an *.  For example, in EBSCOhost's Academic Search Premier database, a truncation search would look like this:


[records would be retrieved that contain the words economics, economically, economist]



Abbreviation for uniform (or universal) resource locator, the address of a World Wide Web page. The Library's URL is:


World Wide Web (WWW)
A vast network of scholarly and popular information, located on the Internet, that includes text, pictures, sound, and moving images. Also known as "the Web," or "WWW." The Web uses "links." Use a mouse to point to a "link" to a URL on screen, click on the link, and a few seconds (or less) later you will be at a new source of information. Web "browsers" such as Internet Explorer are what you use to search for information on the Web.


The staff of the William Hessel Library think of search engines like Google and Yahoo as being part of the "public web" - anyone has access to these. But the Library's subscription databases which contain information normally found in print but now available electronically and which the Library pays for are considered the "private web."

Subject Guide

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