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Permalinks - linking directly to an article: Home

Learn how to identify a permalink and copy and paste into Canvas, Word document, etc.

What is a permalink?

A permanent link (URL) to a particular article or page.

Many database companies now offer persistent links for their articles. Persistent links (also known as persistent URLs) are stable links that will consistently take users to a particular full-text article found in a library database whether the user is on campus or off-campus.


To ensure access for off-campus users, all persistent links should include proxy information in the first segment of the URL:


Copy and paste articles


Instructors: Use this guide to learn how to link articles from selected library databases into Canvas. Students will then be able to have direct access to the article (on campus or remotely) without having to search for it.

Students: If you are making research notes in, for example, Word, pasting an article's permalink from the library's online databases is a way to have direct access to the article if you need to review it. Use this guide to learn how to directly link articles.