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Library Research Tutorial for Students : Start here

Directed toward online students taking English Composition - anyone is welcome to use.

What a library database?

 A library database contains information which has been reviewed by professional editors and contains information tailored toward a specific subject - or type of material, e.g., magazine articles. Libraries also pay for databases.



The purpose of this "tutorial" is to sample some of the library's electronic resources (databases), understand library definitions (see definitions tab), and develop library research skills.

Begin your search with EBSCO Research Databases - searching multiple databases

Research databases
Limit Your Results

Search Strategy

  1. Read background information on your subject.
  2. Compile lists of keywords or subject terms.
  3. Search the Online Catalog with the subjects or keywords you have identified.
  4. Are there experts who have researched your topic? Identify them and list.
  5. Search your topic in relevant online research databases.
  6. Skim through the literature you have looked at. Which sources are most useful?