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Comprehensive literature (article) search to locate journal articles: Begin here

Use this guide to identify databases to search, conduct an integrated database search, filter your searches, and request articles (document delivery) that are not available as full-text in the library databases.

Integrated search with EBSCOhost databases

Note that multiple EBSCOhost  databases can be searched together for an integrated search. First, select and bring up an EBSCOhost  database. Next step is to look for  "choose databases" in your selected database. You will then have the option to include additional databases to search.


Search tips

Be aware of different filters or limiters to use.  These include:

  • Checking the full-text box,or un-checking it. (Sometimes the check box in an EBSCO database may change if you make search adjustments.)
  • Selecting scholarly/academic journals
  • Selecting magazines (non academic journals)
  • Selecting a date range
  • Selecting a geographical region
  • Using the subject heading field

Ways of searching:

  • Phrase search. "stem cell research"  --  Using quotes around phrases will search the words in the same sequence they are entered.
  • Truncation search. [*] Looks for variations of words. For example: invest* - finds  investing, investments, and investors.



Selected EBSCOhost databases and access to more

Additional databases from other producers

Google Scholar