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Evaluating sources: Fake news

Criteria to consider when evaluating information for research.

Can you detect fake news?

If not sure, consider  the following check list:

  1. Check other sources before sharing the information.
  2. Is the original source cited with the information?
  3. Is there an "About Us" page? Or check for domain registry information.
  4. Have you heard of them? What makes them the authority?
  5. Is the story only one side of the debate?
  6. Is the news being reported on legitimate journalism sites? (Such as New York Times, ABC News, or the library database, Nexi Uni, which represents many valid news sources.)
  7. Are facts being left out? Does it seem believable to you?
  8. Are you aware of your own bias?
  9. Is the article making you angry or emotional?
  10. Read the information, circle the facts. Look for errors in names, place names, historical facts, and statistics. And watch or be aware of these words: only, first, and most.


Adapted from Barbara Gray's, How to Fact Check Like a Pro - LexisNexis.

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